Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter (Only MD2)


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The 6-channel DX6i includes software for airplanes and helicopters as well as benefits like ModelMatch technology and 10-model memory. Programming the DX6i is about as intuitive as it gets. The combination of its Simple Scroll interface, easy-to-read LCD screen and simplified menu navigation will immediately put first-time programmers at ease. Many programming functions like throttle curves and expo are graphically depicted to give you a clearer picture of the changes you’re making.

Airplane Functions

  • 3 Wing types: normal, dual aileron and delta
  • 2 Tail types: normal and V-tail
  • 2 Programmable mixes
  • Dual rates and expo
  • Travel adjust
  • Differential
  • Sub trim
  • Flaps

Helicopter Functions

  • 2 Swashplate types: 1 servo normal, 3-servo 120
  • 2 Programmable mixes
  • Normal, stunt and hold modes
  • Dual rates and expo
  • Travel adjust
  • Sub trim
  • Gyro adjust
  • 5-point throttle and pitch curves
  • Swashplate mix
  • Revo mix



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